Sophie’s Diary

It’s a casual Tuesday night and I have to tell you that I’m lucky to have a brother that plays music at an online radio. It is one of those quarantine nights that you sit alone at home with a glass of wine, and you can actually have a good time by listening to him. He plays at Owl Radio every Tuesday at 22:00 Greece time. Every other Tuesday he plays different kinds of music and I think you should give him a chance.

As I mentioned, my brother George, during the first lockdown, decided to start a project with two of his friends. To be honest, I was impressed by the time and effort he dedicated to this. I have to admit that the result was amazing. It’s all about movies, books and music but it also consists of other articles expressing thoughts and ideas. The best part? Anyone can write on it. All it takes is to feel young and be curious.

Moving on, although I’m not the person that can easily express her thoughts, I had a conversation the other day with a friend of mine, that struggled with “bullying” in her high-school days and I would like to say some words about this. I know many of you believe that these days “bullying” is a concept easily used by people. But have you ever thought that many actions of yours might hurt someone irreparably? And of course I’m talking about a person’s confidence, mood and about finding the courage to talk about what is bothering them.

Many years have passed, and my friend is still dealing with her “demons”. I truly believe that people should be thinking more about what they’re saying. I don’t care if you think you’re making a joke and that someone is being too sensitive or even that someone is a friend of yours and he won’t get offended. Not everyone has the same sense of humor with you and something that seems funny to you might trigger somebody’s insecurities. So be kind.

It’s May and summer seems so close, yet so far away. We are not sure what will be allowed till then. After all, everything changes from day to day. The worst thing I believe it’s the fact that I wake up every day and can’t stop thinking  “when are we going to enjoy a dinner or a drink with friends?”. I know that many of you will say that I can hang out with my friends at a park or something but it’s just not the same for me. Wearing a mask outdoors is also something I can’t really cope with.

On the bright side, my mother and I decided to fix our garden as we can’t go anywhere, and the weather is getting warmer. Flowers always made me feel better and cheered me up. These days, in which everyone goes through a lot, you should find something that makes you feel good and grateful. As for me, I am most grateful for my family because above all, they are my friends.