Black Sails (series)

Genre: Adventure, Action, Drama, History

Creators: Robert Levine, Jonathan E. Steinberg

Date: 2014-2017 (completed)

Actors: Toby Stevens, Hana Hue, Luke Arnold … and more

Black sails is an epic series that narrates an infused version of the history of Nassau (New Providence Island) during the age of Piracy, and the classic book story of Treasure Island. Characters are derived from both history and book in an extraordinary combination to provide us with enough plot, drama, and edge-of-seat agony for a lifetime. The main plot revolves around the already notorious captain Flint and his pursuit L’Urca De Lima (spanish treasure gallion) that carries five million pieces of eight. Rival crews and dangerous people aim to prevail, whilst the fight for power in the Carribbean island is constantly shifting the tides. John Silver, a newcomer to the crew, accompanied by his great wits, learns along with us the ways of the pirates and embarks with captain Flint as the new (fake) cook of the crew.

The first episode is a perfectly executed pilot, diving deep enough in the story to keep anyone motivated to binge watch a season, or even all four. Any more information would spoil this masterpiece and I would hate myself for depriving you of any enthusiasm lost during this read.

P.S. Keep an eye on Captain Jack Rackham