Plantismus: The Interior Edition

Plantismus, a definition by @eco_sophia would be the hoarding of plants inside your house during the quarantine mainly because your room needed to be refreshed or just because anyways, we all started new hobbies in quarantine. 

This will be one of the articles where a person obsessed with plants -in our case ME!-  will explain how they changed my life. You will mock me  -just as I did to others. Then, maybe next time, you’ll cross through a flower shop, you’ll think you could give a try to that little green cactus or maybe a succulent – they never die afterall. You’ll buy your first plant and then you will look again at this article and @eco_sophia will be like I KNOW! – the Monica Geller way!

View from my office while writing these words.

It was the infinite scrolling on Instagram’s Discover that made me a plant parent. Everything looked so green and so appealing to the eye. Then, I googled it. It seems that having a house plant can improve your concentration -well, I needed that badly. Apparently, they also purify the air we breathe and provide moisture in the air -well, I happen also to be @eco_sophia. They also make a great decoration. Seriously though! 

My first indoor plant was a peace lily. They really look like lilies, except they are not fragile and according to several plantlovers’ blogs one of the greatest air purifiers. In my collection, some cacti and succulents were added and also a Diffenbachia -google that, it is the weirdo of houseplants. 

Cacti and Succulents in reused glass pots.

But then the real eco dilemma came to my mind. Is this houseplant hobby sustainable? Plant wise, you do increase the oxygen, but what about the plastic and pots? First things first, I decided to upcycle. I used glass vases and also some old pots from my grandmother’s collection -truly vintage. Then, buy local and plastic-free. The plants on the supermarkets are wrapped with plastic, however, on your neighborhood’s florist, you can find sustainably grown and packaged plants, while also supporting a small business. Now, that is sustainability all the way.

Whether for the Hygge, for concentration, or just Instagram, ecosophia is a state of a happy plant mind. 

 ‘Till next Friday, stay curious.