Well Hello everyone,

This is the first journal post of our website and I truly could not be any happier.

This recent journey, the journey that lead to our team creating this community, has been pretty awesome and I would be lying if I said that even something that looks so small to many people out there was not challenging for us and it has not produced a great amount of fulfilment and satisfaction.

But before we discuss all that, let’s take a step back and let me share with you, as raw and unfiltered as I can, for the first of many times to come, some of my thoughts and recent experiences in this attempt of ours. 

This platform began as an idea that shaped into our minds around August of 2019. I was pretty excited with the idea of creating a community open to wonderful ideas and interesting people and, how couldn’t I? It sounds amazing, doesn’t it?

Summer passed, the idea was still exciting to me but with all the other things that filled my program I never actually started it, (I guess that might also be an excuse because we can always make time for our priorities if we want to).

Never mind, some months went by and I thought it was another great idea that would never actually take place, you know, one of those dreams that keep you lying in your bed in the morning, the ones you discuss with your family and loved ones, that make you happy for some time but you end up forgetting as soon as you get back to your everyday routine, and please don’t get me wrong, a good routine can be very beneficial but it definitely has its dangers.

So March comes and we are suddenly called to face a new reality, the reality of a pandemic that is about to take the world by storm, a reality that we were not prepared for but never asked for our permission to take over our lives.

Coronavirus came, and along with all the drawbacks and negative socioeconomical issues it has caused, it also brought on the surface a new wave of creativity for a great amount of people and it so happened that it moved something in me too.

That wave of creativity reminded me of this wonderful idea. The idea of creating from scratch a global community, now more than ever, where people from all sorts of backgrounds and different perspectives would share their concerns, thoughts, experiences and ideas.

The timing looked right, as I had just finished my internship and I was looking forward to something new to fill this void. The eternal struggle for purpose was once more knocking on my door and as the saying goes ‘’action is the key’’. So, action we took, but boy wasn’t it hard.

First off, our Plan. How long is it gonna take? One, two, alright, maybe three days maximum. I have had some experience with planning before so I was pretty sure that it would be over before it even started. Well, bite your tongue, it seems we are still working on it and it takes its full form day by day, after all we are nothing more than just some amateurs with big dreams.

Then comes the fun part, web designing. Believe me when I tell you this, it may not be all that fun after all. Especially when you have never even heard what WordPress is and your budget is absolutely zero.

Third and most important part, get along with the team. Anyone who has worked on some kind of team knows that teams have their ups and downs, as any relationship does, and things do not always work out.

Long story short, the obstacles kept mounting and continue to do so everyday that goes by, but let me tell you something guys, something that we have heard countless times in movies, books and music, a cliché that never gets old.

All these obstacles can turn into a stairway to heaven and I promise you, that we will be willing to take those stairs with confidence and courage as long as the purpose fills our hearts with joy and puts a big smile on our faces.

The team will get rolling, the plan will work out and all the knowledge you need will accumulate if you are patient enough and strive for your end goal.

That temporary heaven may be this community we dreamed of, the job that you wished for or a feeling that you have craved for. But no matter what that dream destination may be, don’t be afraid to take action and always be brave enough to face adversity in your journey to Ithaca.

That Ithaca might be your long-term goal or just a step in your lifelong process to happiness, but it is a journey nonetheless and every journey has its risks and dangers and its up to all of us to embrace this challenge that lies in front of us and shape our destinies, because as the great Michael Jordan said, limits like fears are nothing more than just an illusion.

And if you ask me, well what about this great Idea you talked to us about before? How did it come to be? Well, guys, time will tell, and I am more than happy to enjoy the ride with all of you and watch how this scene plays out.

Till next time,


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