Young, Curious and Green

Green is the new black. Wait, what is this new thing here? EcoSophia? Yeah, I guess, that’s me. I am ecoSophia from @eco_sophia. So, welcome to my online corner supplied by the Young and Curious. Surely to be here you are curious, or you just found the name very cool. In any case, I’m glad you’re. From this Friday on and every Friday -ambitious planning- in this corner you will find thoughts, suggestions, doubts and most of all ideas.

But what is really ecosophia? To use the wisdom of our insta bio, ecosophia means sustainability and sustainability means keeping the things that matter to you alive. To use the philosophical literature of A. Naes, ecosophy is defined as “a philosophy of ecological harmony or equilibrium”. Ecosophy is perceived as the fundamental interconnectedness of beings that exist. It is the circle of life – Lion King reference. 

Green has become the new hipster in the interconnectedness of social media. We, at ecosophia, believe in the greek ancient lifestyle quote, “metron ariston” (all in good measure) and that is what we have been promoting in our instagram account for the past 7 months. We feel that there is not only one way of becoming environmentally conscious.

Yes, do indulge in the temptation of enjoying your milkshake on a hot summer day with a plastic straw and do use a plastic bag at the supermarket but don’t let it become a habit. This is exactly what I will be sharing with you every week, alternatives and a new way of thinking; from my personal experiences, from a young and curious point of view.  

Ecosophia is a state of mind and action. Do something green today and join the #eco_sophia.

‘Till next Friday, stay curious.