12 Rules for Life

On the occasion of Dr. Jordan B. Peterson’s birthday on June 12th, we have decided to honor him by recommending his powerful book 12 Rules for Life.

12 Rules for Life is one of those unique books that from the very first time that you start reading it, you understand that it is going to be a life changing experience that will follow and define you for the rest of your lifetime.

What I am saying might sound a bit heavy, but trust me, I could not believe this more.

The book actually resolves around 12 fundamental rules that each and every person should try to live by. In the process though of reading through all those masterfully and beautifully written chapters one finds out far more than he seeks.

Facing through adversity, fighting for purpose, enjoying life and being a human being that inspires others, is just some of the qualities that you will come up with while reading this amazing book, alongside with a great sense of meaning that might fill the void in your heart.

J. B. Peterson is faulty and with tons of struggles himself, but nonetheless a genius of a man with great understanding of human nature that can guide you through this one-way road called life.

“The purpose of life is finding the largest burden that you can bear and bearing it.”